Yappy Hour



A yummy frozen yogurt treat to make their tummies happy!

Play Time


We’ll take your pet outside for a nice walk along our grounds, and then let them loose to play in our fenced yard!  Do they have a favorite toy they like to chase?  Bring it with!

Cuddle Time



Afraid your pet will miss your loving attention?  We’ll give them some one-on-one cuddles to make them feel at home!

Midnight Snack


Give them a special treat of a durable rubber toy filled with a yummy snack to keep them occupied and fill their tummy before falling asleep!



Missing your pet while you're away?  Get an 'ani-mail' and you can get text or email pictures of your pet!

Clean-Up Bath

Price based on size

Give your pet one last pampering before they go home - a spa-quality bath!  They'll go home fresh, clean, and relaxed.