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We specialize in pet pampering!

The grooming room at Pet Pals is equipped with everything needed to send your pet home looking the best.  Experienced groomers?  Check!  Spa-quality tubs? Check! A variety of shampoos and grooming tools for all skin types and grooming styles?  Double check!  We pride ourselves on making even our most "fur challenged" customers look and feel great.

Your pet's grooming day will start with a massaging bath in our HydroSurge tubs.  These tubs mix the water and shampoo together, which makes the bathing process more effective as the shampoo really gets down to the skin and removes even the deepest dirt!  The massaging spray not only ensures a deep-down clean, but feels great, especially for those pets with dry, flaky skin.  We have a variety of shampoos that can help relieve pets of allergies, help treat skin conditions, or just make them smell great!  We also have flea treatments, and if your pet is being treated to our FURminator De-shedding system the shampoo and conditioner will help loosen the hair to allow for major removal of the dead, unwanted hair that ends up stuck to your clothes and furniture!  During the bath your pet will also get their ears cleaned and anal glands expressed.

After their bath your pet will get to rest in their cage with a fresh bowl of water while a gentle breeze helps to dry them off.  Our cage dryers are no-heat so there is no need to worry about overheating!

Finally, it's time for our groomers to work their magic!  While on their table your pet will experience a caring, creative styling that will bring out their best.  From the smallest teacup poodle to the largest giant schnauzer, your pet will leave in style!  Our groomers will clip, snip, and trim your pet's coat exactly to your liking.

After the grooming is complete your pet will be outfitted with a stylish bandana, nail polish, bows, whatever you desire to complete their look.  For our guests that don't need a haircut and are only with us for a bath, after their final brush-out they'll be given the star treatment too!  After all, it's all about the accessories...

Our grooming and baths involve multi-step processes that takes several hours.  To help your pet have the most relaxing day possible, please plan on dropping them off for their appointment before 9:00 a.m. and picking them up after 3:30 p.m.

Call today to schedule your pet for a day of pampering at the Pet Pals spa!  Grooming appointments fill quickly,
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Additional Grooming Services

In addition to our standard grooming and baths, we offer additional options to suit every pet's needs:

FURminator De-shedding Treatment:
Love your pet but hate the shedding?  The FURminator De-shedding Treatment is a two-step process that will help remove 60-80% of your pets dead, shedding hair.  The first step involves a special shampoo and conditioner to loosen up the dead hair.  The second step involves brushing with a special brush designed to grab the loosened hair and whisk it away!  You will be amazed at how smooth and sleek your pet looks and feels, and how much a regular FUR-minator treatment can reduce the amount of shedding you have to deal with!

Flea Bath: 
A special flea treatment that will help rid your pet of their unwanted guests...

Medicated/Oatmeal Bath: 
These baths help pets with allergies and/or dry, irritated skin.  Speak to your groomer or grooming assistant to determine which bath would best help your pet.

Frontline Application: 
Pet Pals is a supplier of Frontline, a topical flea and tick treatment and prevention.  Fleas and ticks carry a myriad of diseases and health risks for your pet, not to mention the discomfort they cause!  If you haven't started flea or tick prevention with your pet yet, we can help!

Nail Grinding: 
Nail grinding uses a dremmel-like tool to grind your pets nails down into a more rounded, natural shape.  Advantages to grinding include being able to trim the nails shorter than standard clipping and avoiding the sharp nail edges that come with standard clipping.

Nail Clipping: 
No appointment needed!  Just bring your pet in and one of our professionals will trim their nails for you.

Teeth Brushing: 
Want to add minty-fresh breath to their grooming package?  No problem!  This works best for pets who are accustomed to having their teeth brushed, and does NOT replace the needed for regular veterinary dental cleanings.

Please note that to maintain the health and safety of our guests all pets must have had vaccinations per our Vaccination Policy prior to boarding or grooming at Pet Pals.

Grooming prices depend on the breed of dog, size of dog, and condition of their coat. We will give you our best estimate when you call to make your appointment, and when you check in can let you know if any new information we gather would change that price. We can't wait to pamper your pet!